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Technology Transfer Through Training

Major objectives of the BRRI's training are to disseminate BRRI developed technologies at farm level. BRRI provide training on modern rice production and rice related issues for extension providers of GO, NGOs, Private sector and Farmers. Depending on the nature of training, it can be categorised as 1-month rice production, 1-week rice production, on request and farmers' training.

Training Information since 1974 - 2012
So far, 93 long courses (one month and above) and 12,305 short courses (less than one month-one day) have been conducted for 2,442 and 65,097 participants respectively. In total  2,398 training courses including 21 international courses have been conducted for 67,539 participants of different organizations of GOs, NGOs, Universities, Private companies and Farmers.

BRRI training
Long course
Short course
Special/on request course
Farmers' training


Training materials:
On request, BRRI provides training materials i.e. CD on Rice Production Training Modules and BRKB CD including BRRI developed rice varieties and technologies. Beside that, organize orientation/briefing session to the participants on "how to operate CD-ROM and collect informations from the BRKB website".

Downloadable Rice Production Training Module, Farmers ' training Flip Chart on Rice Seed Production and Farmers' Rice Production Training-Flip Chart are available in the BRKB.


Training photos

BRKB Training
BRKB Training
BRKB utilization training
BRKB utilization training GO & NGO
BRKB training participant SAAO-FIAC
BRKB users' group training
BRKB users' group discussion
Farmers training
Rice yield gap minimization training

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Md. Islam Uddin Mollah
Head, Training Division, BRRI, Gazipur 1701
Tel: 9257509, PABX: 9257401-5, 9257501-5 (Ext. 519)
Fax: 880-2-9261110
E-mail: brrihq@yahoo.com

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